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Terms & Conditions 

Unfortunately treatments cannot be carried out on under 16s due to insurance cover.
I am home based and do not offer a mobile service.
Please park in the street opposite the salon, or directly infront. Please ensure you do not park directly infront of properties/ drive ways. (A map and address will be sent when a booking is made).
I accept payment by cash, paypal, card or bank transfer.
Smoking is not permitted inside or Infront of the salon or around the surrounding houses. 

Booking and Cancellations.
Deposits are required to secure your booking, this is due to last minute cancellations and no shows.
Deposits are as follows for each treatment 
£3- Brow/ Lash Tint, Waxing per area
£5- Brow Tint and Shape, Gel Removal, Full Face Wax
£10- Gel Polish, Oil Manicure/ Pedicure 
£15- Gel Overlays, Gel Manicure/ Pedicure, Lash Lift, Henna Brows, Brow Lamination 
£20- Extensions 
You will have 12 hours to pay the deposit for your requested appointment time, after that it will be given up.
Deposits are non refundable or transferable.
Requests to rearrange an appointment with less than 48 hours notice, will result in a loss of deposit.
If booking multiple treatments and you decide to only have one treatment, you will still be charged in full for all treatments booked, if less than 48 hours notice is given. If more than 48 hours notice is given you will lose your deposit for the treatments you wish to cancel.
Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or no shows will also receive a bill for full payment. 
You will not be able to make another booking until this has been paid.
Clients who no show or cancel/ move an appointment with less than 24 hours notice will be requires to pay a 100% deposit for future appointments. 

Late Appointments.
As a courtesy to all our clients a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to, late appointments may not be honoured, but will still require full payment.
Treatments begun late will be shortened in consideration of the next client, but still charged in full.
Clients who refuse to pay for late appointments in full will not be able to book another appointment. 

Personal Information.
Personal details will be taken during the consultation, which will be kept of file for 7 years. 

This data is kept in a secure file and is confidential.
On occassion I would like to send you promotions and offers. Please let me know if you would like to opt out. 

A full consultation will be carried out on your first treatment.
This will include name, DOB, address, contact details, relevant medical details and any other information which is relevant to the treatment.
I will ask for this information prior to your appointment, to check it is suitable before your appointment, and carry out a visual check and have a chat with you on the day.
I'll also ask if you'd like any nail art so I can book the right size time slot for you.
Please let me know if any of your information changes so I can update me records. 

Abusive Behaviour and Security.
Abusive Behaviour will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately and charged in full.
Due to an incident with a non genuine client, where I had to involve the police, I will only give out my full address once I have received the deposit. I will also ask for your full name, address and contact number before giving out mine, as a measure of protection. (Sorry to be strict as it won't apply to most of you, but I need to protect myself, as the said incident happened with someone who seemed genuine, and I need to put the safety of my family and myself first).
One the plus side this will speed up your consultation, as it will just be a visual check and chat.
The police will be informed of any abusive behaviour, threats or non genuine clients who are just after an address.
The building is alarmed and has cctv. 

Suitablity for Treatments.
Certain medical conditions/ medications will require you to check with your GP that you are ok to receive certain treatments (This will be discussed on your consultation) 

Certain beauty treatments require a break before another treatment can be carried out. (This will be discussed in your consultation)
Certain treatments will require you to have a patch test 48 hours before your treatment. This cannot be wavered. 

Treatment cannot be carried out for the following reasons:
Reactions to patch tests
Infectious conditions
Certain medical conditions
Doctor does not appove treatment for certain conditions/ medications
Certain beauty treatments within a certain time frame
Skin, nail or eye damage. 

After your appointment I will send you an aftercare card.
Please read through this and follow the advice to protect yourself from possible problems and to get the most out of your treatment. 

Gel Polish should last approximately 14 days. I recommend that you don’t wear them for longer than 28 days. I have a 3 day repair policy, if your gel polish chips within 3 days I will fix it for free, anything after this will cost £2 per nail. I will fix upto 4 nails within 14 days.
It is recommended that extensions and overlays are infilled every 2-4 weeks. Nails are built with a ceratin structure, which is lost as nails grow out, meaning they are more likely to break. I have a 4 day repair policy, if your overlays/ extensions fall off, break or chip within 4 days I will fix it for free, after this it will cost £2.50 per nail. I will fix 4 nails within 14 days.
Repairs cover chips, cracks, discolouration, gel shrinkage, lost nails etc. If 4 or more nails are damaged i will have to replace with a full set.
Repairs do not cover nails which are pulled/ bitten off. 

Regular nail polish is not covered in the repair policy. Gel polish is the best option for a long lasting finish.
If I advise against anything in the consultation (eg. nails of a certain length for your nail bed or lifestyle, nail art such as sugaring and gems that won't last as long) but you still go ahead, this will not be covered in the repair policy.
Please follow aftercare given to get the most from your treatment.

Tint lasts 2-3 weeks
Henna last 4-6 weeks on hair and 2-3 weeks on the skin.
Please follow aftercare given to get the most from your treatment.

Tint lasts 2-3 weeks.
Lash extensions require aftercare and infils to be maintained, then will need to be removed after 12 weeks.
Please follow aftercare given to get the most from your treatment.




Face Masks are no longer a legal requirement, but the Government has stated they expect Face Masks to be worn inside.

As I offer close contact services you will need to wear a face mask to your appointment.
Thank you.

I agree to wear a face mask to my appointment.
I agree to rearrange my appointment if I have any COVID symptoms or have been told to self isolate.


• thorough cleaning between each appointment, including sterilising equipment and disinfecting all bottles and surfaces.
• full ppe
• hand sanitizer
• windows and extractor fans will ensure there is fresh air

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